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Barra de sonido con subwoofer externo

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Aego Sound3ar

Flat screen TVs have become ever thinner and more elegant in recent years and while this makes for an aesthetically appealing product, it means that the space available within the chassis for speakers has become more and more compressed. As a result, many modern TVs can’t produce the sound to match their picture.

To provide a solution to this Acoustic Energy has taken the subwoofer unit of the Aego³ and created an all new soundbar speaker array to partner it. Designed to effortlessly compliment modern flat screens and equipped for wall mounting, it is capable of providing a sound that does justice to everything from broadcast TV to the latest cinematic blockbusters. By using the separate bass and amplifier module, we have ensured that the Aego Soundbar is as elegant as the equipment you will be partnering it with, while delivering the level of performance that you would expect from an Acoustic Energy product.

Entradas 1 x Mini-Jack estéreo, 1 Digital óptica, 1 x Bluetooth
Salidas 2 x RCA (altavoz)
Accesorios 2 x 3 m Cable de altavoz (RCA),
1 x 2m estéreo mini-jack a mini-jack (3.5 mm)
1 x 2m cable óptico
1 x mando a distancia
1 x 1.8 cable de red
Controles Todas las operaciones controlables desde el mando a distancia
Alimentación 110 - 240V 50/60VA
Dimensiones 350 x 195 x 307 mm (subwoofer)
70 x  500 x 70 mm (barra de sonido)
Peso 9 kg
Acabados Negro, aluminio, goma negra
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