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  1. Puresound A10

    Puresound A10

    The Pure Sound A10 was developed to meet a need for a compact and relatively affordable Class A amplifier that would be compatible with high quality, high sensitivity loudspeakers. The A10 is a line lev
    999,00 €
  2. Icon Audio Stereo 20 PP

    Icon Audio Stereo 20 PP

    Stereo 20 PP Small But Perfectly Formed! In a rapidly changing world it is nice to have some traditional values. In 1955 The British company H. J. Leak designed the Stereo 20 using the ne
    1.045,00 €
  3. Mystère IA11 (ocasión)

    Mystère IA11 (ocasión)

    Amplificador integrado a válvulas 4 x EL34. 2 x 40 W

    Special Price 1.500,00 € Regular Price 2.000,00 €
  4. Consonance Cyber M10s

    Consonance Cyber M10s

    M10S es un amplificador integrado de tubo Clase A con un solo extremo, puede usar 6550 y cambiarse a EL34 y KT77 solo por realojamiento real. Como un amplificador de tubo integrado de
    1.500,00 €
  5. Consonance M100 Plus

    Consonance M100 Plus

    1.540,00 €
  6. Lab 12 Migthy

    Lab 12 Migthy

    Class A, Single Ended Power Amplifier This Class A, Single Ended amplifier can gracefully cooperate with any preamplifier on the market constituting the perfect match for true or hpa. Mighty
    As low as 1.590,00 €
  7. Icon Audio Stereo 25 MK2

    Icon Audio Stereo 25 MK2

    In essence a simplified ST40 MKIII, yet no reduction in quality, this is our best value integrated amplifier. Features include the excellent 6SN7 and 6SL7 valves for improved sound, and a headphone soc
    1.595,00 €
  8. Synthesis Roma 27AC (ocasión)

    Synthesis Roma 27AC (ocasión)

    Amplificador integrado estéreo a válvulas 4 x 6L6. 2 x 25 W

    Special Price 1.750,00 € Regular Price 2.285,00 €
  9. Icon Audio Stereo 40 MK3 AS7

    Icon Audio Stereo 40 MK3 AS7

    Stereo 40 MK III 6AS7 A PURE TRIODE GOOD ALL ROUNDER WITH LOW RUNNING COSTS A triode amplifier is the obvious choice, but the high cost of the 300Bs would make the amplifier expen
    1.900,00 €
  10. Unison Research Simply Italy

    Unison Research Simply Italy

    We’ve taken what we’ve learned from designing our largest amplifiers, and applied to this small yet brilliant gem. The Simply Italy integrated amplifier builds on the legendary strengths of the Unison
    As low as 2.100,00 €
  11. Puresound A30

    Puresound A30

    The Pure Sound A30 amplifier was developed to meet the demand for an affordable Class A amplifier that would be compatible with all types of loudspeakers. The A30 is a line level integrated design that
    2.195,00 €
  12. Consonance Cyber 100 15th Anniversary

    Consonance Cyber 100 15th Anniversary

    If Opera audio has ever offered a special anniversary line of equipment with a coherent design philosophy, it would be the 15-year-old M100 series push-pull integrated amplifiers. Opera Audio has center
    2.260,00 €
  13. Synthesis Roma 27AC

    Synthesis Roma 27AC

    Amplificador integrado estéreo a válvulas 4 x 6L6. 2 x 25 W

    2.285,00 €
  14. BC Acoustique EX-888.1

    BC Acoustique EX-888.1

    Amplificador integrado a válvulas KT88 2 x 40 W

    As low as 2.299,00 €
  15. Icon Audio Stereo 40 MK3

    Icon Audio Stereo 40 MK3

    Stereo 40 MK IIIm Looking for the best value in a integrated amplifier? Not only is the Stereo 40 MKIIIm an exceptional performer at any price, but is feature packed for maximum versatil
    2.590,00 €
  16. Pathos Classic One

    Pathos Classic One

    After having won over the international audiophile community with state-of-the-art reference amplifiers, to conceive a product with a set price point as the main design limit has been a true challenge
    2.610,00 €
  17. Pathos Classic Remix

    Pathos Classic Remix

    El ClassicREMIX se presentÓ en el HighEnd de Munich del 2014, este nuevo amplificador integrado de Pathos Acoustics deriva de la voluntad de la empresa de Vicenza de realizar una profunda renovaciÓn de
    2.900,00 €
  18. Jadis Orchestra

    Jadis Orchestra

    Amplificador integrado a válvulas. 2 x 40 W

    2.950,00 €
  19. Consonance Linear 200

    Consonance Linear 200

    El amplificador integrado Consonance Linear 200 nos sorprende con 3 entradas digitales y 3 analÓgicas, heredando la tecnología de los amplificadores Cyber 100 Series que ya tienen 20 años de edad. L
    2.975,00 €
  20. Icon Audio Stereo 30 MK3

    Icon Audio Stereo 30 MK3

    Stereo 30 SE A Versatile Affordable SE Solution! The ST30SE is a medium powered integrated amplifier offering warmth and colour in an ultra-smooth way to delight almost anyone who is sensi
    2.999,00 €
  21. Leben CS-300F

    Leben CS-300F

    CS-300F is equipped with GE JAN-6197 which was developped for use in computers and we used this tube for audio purpose for the first time in the world. We purchased this tube many years ago and
    3.290,00 €
  22. Icon Audio Stereo 40 MK3 2A3

    Icon Audio Stereo 40 MK3 2A3

    Stereo 40 MKIII 2A3 For those seeking the ultimate in high definition and smoothness without high power the 2A3 is an ideal valve. The very special 2A3 is a pure triode valve very similar to
    3.295,00 €
  23. Unison Research Preludio

    Unison Research Preludio

    Part of our classic line of tube amplifiers that include the Sinfonia and the Performance, the Preludio integrated amplifier continues the technical approach, sound and aesthetics of its larger siblings
    3.300,00 €
  24. Unison Research Triode 25

    Unison Research Triode 25

    Three amplifiers symbolize the success of Unison Research: the Simply Two, the Triode 20 and the legendary Absolute. On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the birth of Unison Research, we pay homag
    As low as 3.300,00 €
  25. Lab 12 Integre 4

    Lab 12 Integre 4

    Audiophile Integrated Amplifier Integre4 – The centre of your modern high end audio system From the first steps of our design, we focused on achieving a wide open sound which is usually un
    As low as 3.350,00 €
  26. Puresound 2A3

    Puresound 2A3

    The earliest audio amplifiers made use of small, 3 element valves known as directly heated triodes. For many, the simple circuits that can be built around such devices better preserve the structure, col
    3.395,00 €
  27. Leben CS-300XS

    Leben CS-300XS

    CS-300X(S) is equipped with SOVTEK Tube EL-84 which has been welknown by audiophiles for its high sound quality against its small size. A high input sensitivity of EL84 does not require a compl
    3.490,00 €
  28. Icon Audio Stereo 60 MK3

    Icon Audio Stereo 60 MK3

    Stereo 60 MK IIIm The Worlds First KT150 Integrated UL/Triode Hi Fi Amplifier An OUTSTANDING Integrated Amp!This is our biggest integrated amplifier. It is ideal for someone wanting a ver
    3.550,00 €
  29. Jadis Orchestra Reference

    Jadis Orchestra Reference

    Amplificador integrado a válvulas. 2 x 40 W

    3.850,00 €
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