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Anthem Statement P2
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In life we admire “heart.” When we say someone has heart we mean passion, spirit, fortitude. And we applaud it. While the amplifier is the brawn behind every successful music and movie presentation, it is also the heart! Its role is as crucial as that of the speakers in its ability to render delicate musical detail one minute and interpret spine-tingling musical crescendos the next. The most exquisite pieces of music fall flat without clean, quiet power to sustain them through to their natural, musical ebb. Movie special effects require an inordinate supply of stable high-current power to give visceral credibility to the “special” aspect of each effect! In fact, all truly successful sound reproduction requires “heart.”

Effortless—with the ability to play quiet to loud, without strain. Exceptionally clean, clear and detailed. P2 and P5 amplifiers respond with profound equanimity to their role in the highest-quality two-channel system or demanding 7.1 surround-sound home theater.

The heart of an amplifier rests with its design and it is here that P2 and P5 amplifiers begin to reveal their high-end lineage. Our commitment to edge-of-the-art design includes multi-layered hand-designed circuit boards with thick two-ounce copper traces; rugged, independent power supplies with tuned toroidal power transformers for each amplifier channel; fourteen rugged bipolar output devices per channel for an overdesigned output stage; massive custom-designed, convection-cooled heatsinks with serrated fins; a “no-fuse” design. And the list goes on.

P2 and P5 amplifiers are fundamentally more revealing, display unparalleled musical refinement and deliver unheard-of resolution for both music and movies. They rival the finest power amplifiers available at any price.

Edge-of-the-Art Multi-Mono Design: Less Talk, More Power!

By design, P2 and P5 amplifiers are actually powerful independent “monoblock” amplifiers. Each channel is self-contained on its own glass-epoxy circuit board and heatsink. Each channel also benefits from its own independent power supply. Since there is no common audio path between channels there is a complete absence of crosstalk. Regardless of whether one channel or all channels are driven, there is no penalty in performance—even when all channels are operating at maximum output!

Frequency-response channel matching is superb. The musical picture is seamless and exquisitely detailed with a multichannel soundstage that is astonishingly transparent, cohesive and three dimensional.

In the rare event that servicing is required, the modular design allows it to be done quickly and easily by an authorized technician.

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Active-Load Cascoded Complementary Feedback Input Stage

P2 and P5 amplifiers benefit from our proprietary input topology—a unique departure from the classical differential input stage. Eight low-noise bipolar input devices, hand-matched for superior balance, are configured in a complementary active-load cascoded feedback arrangement. Heat shrink tubing applied around each critical input pair ensures superior thermal tracking. Designed to reduce distortion, this arrangement not only ensures exceptionally linear response but also superior bandwidth and superb reliability.


Massive Toroidal Transformers: An Audible Difference!

Conservatively rated, in a low-profile design, these low-impedance toroidal power supplies—one per amplifier channel—make no sacrifices when it comes to delivering a continuous supply of pure, clean low-noise power. They are shaped to minimize stray magnetic field radiation and tuned to minimize hum. A sequence-controlled soft turn-on significantly reduces power line transients and in-rush current during start up, preventing accidental tripping of circuit breakers.

Independent Power Supplies Deliver
Maximum Power and a Whole New Level of Quiet

Due to the high costs involved in incorporating sophisticated independent power supplies many high-end designs have only one power supply—unregulated and common to the input/driver and output stages. The drawbacks to this design are a reduction in maximum power output and overall efficiency when all channels are operating. The constant charging and discharging of the power supply filtering capacitors can introduce noise into the audio path. Anthem™ Statement designers opted for a more expensive, but ultimately more effective, cleaner and quieter power supply design.

Each amplifier channel features two separate and autonomous power supplies fed from separate transformer windings. A regulated high-power supply used in the driver stage facilitates an overdesigned output stage, allowing for highly efficient use of the unregulated high-power supply. P2 and P5 amplifiers are able to deliver stable, continuous power at maximum output, regardless of the number of channels being driven. Even when challenged by the most demanding musical transients, output remains fluid and continuous. Dynamic bursts of power called for by explosions and various taxing special effects in movies are delivered instantly and effortlessly. While some amplifiers tend to oscillate when driving lower-impedance loads, the P2 and P5 remain perfectly stable under all conditions. If pushed into clipping, our proprietary anti-saturation tracking power supply circuit takes over to ensure seamless recovery.

Since the use of a regulated power supply in the driver stage removes any noise emitted by the bridge rectifier (often heard as an audible hum at 120 Hz and its harmonics), the P2 and P5 achieve an utterly white noise floor.

Fourteen Bipolar Output Devices Per Channel

An amplifier’s ultimate performance for music and movies is directly related to the the number of high-quality, high-current devices used in the output stage. The greater the number of devices employed, the lower the dissipated power on each device and the more power available for the crescendos in music and the demanding special effects in movies. While some manufacturers cut corners to save costs in this area, our designers incorporated fourteen rugged bipolar output devices per channel for an overdesigned output stage. This results in tremendous current held in reserve and unsurpassed amplifier reliability.

2-oz Copper Traces on Hand-Designed Circuit Boards

Our two-layer FR-4 glass-epoxy circuit boards feature plated through-holes and heavy 2-oz thick copper traces to promote excellent conductivity. Extensive use of power- and groundplanes ensures exceptionally low noise and increased protection from stray electromagnetic energy—internally, as well as externally from other devices.

Oversize Gold-Plated Binding Posts

Custom-designed oversize gold-plated Anthem™ Statement binding posts ensure full power delivery at all times. They are easy to use and facilitate large speaker cable connectors.

Multiple Power On/Off Options

P2 and P5 amplifiers can be powered On/Off three ways: manually, with the On/Off switch on the front panel; remotely, via the 12-volt trigger input on the rear panel; or automatically, with our patented Auto-On/Off circuit. Auto-On turns the amplifier on when it senses an input signal on any channel and switches it off 20 minutes after the input signal ends.

“No Fuse” Design

By eliminating fuses in the DC rails, P2 and P5 amplifiers are Direct-Connected™ to the power supply capacitor bank. This keeps output impedance remarkably low while making more power available to the amplifier and ultimately to the speakers. Even when the amplifiers are driving lower- or complex-impedance loads, the result is audibly superior sonic performance. If an output short circuit does occur, only our AC line breaker will trip—there are no fuses to replace. Not only is this a function of convenience (lifting the cover to change a fuse in the mighty P5 could be challenging), it also produces an advanced circuit board layout and a strong, rugged output stage.

The standby low-power supply is protected by auto-resetting Positive Temperature Coefficent thermistors (PTCs). Again, the inconvenience of replacing fuses is avoided while amplifier circuitry remains well protected. Once the condition that tripped the PTC disappears, the circuit automatically restores itself and the amplifier becomes fully functional again.

Anthem™Statement designers incorporated an AC line breaker on every channel, positioned where they can be visually monitored and easily reset by the user. Once again, these amplifiers reap the benefits of a completely modular design—in the event of an abnormal condition, if the breaker on one channel trips the remaining channels will continue to operate normally. And since the breakers are completely outside of the signal path they do not compromise sonic integrity.

RCA and XLR True-Balanced™ Inputs!

A three-way switch on the amplifiers’ rear panel offers an RCA input, a professional quality XLR balanced input and an attenuated XLR balanced connection (for preamplifiers that require it).

Gold-plated female RCA jacks and gold-plated XLR balanced connections provide the highest-quality input connections. Our fully buffered, double-balanced-XLR input stage (True-Balanced™) ensures the lowest level of noise and hum possible.

Oversize Aluminum Heatsinks

With more than 1,125 square inches (7,258 cm2) of computer-modeled heatsink (including large serrated fins) per channel, P2 and P5 amplifiers are superbly equipped to dissipate the heat generated by their high power levels quickly and efficiently. This, in turn, eliminates the need for noise-inducing cooling fans. A thermal sensor on each individual heatsink continuously monitors safe operating temperature.

Designed and Built in North America

Fine-grain brushed aluminum cover and extruded aluminum handles. Heavy-gauge, low-resonance 12-awg steel chassis and oversize aluminum heatsinks generate serious high-end weight and authority.

Superior-quality Blue LEDs add an elegant finishing touch to the high-end demeanour of these multichannel amplifiers.

While a detachable AC power cord comes in handy when connecting various components, its function is more than one of simple convenience. High-end products typically offer the freedom to use a variety of after-market power cords offered by specialty cable manufacturers. By including IEC detachable AC female sockets and high-power, high-quality 14-awg AC cords, P2 and P5 amplifiers further demonstrate their high-end pedigree.

The P2 and P5 can also be ordered with optional rack-mount handles. See your Anthem™ Statement Dealer for more information.

Advanced Load Monitoring (ALM™)

Anthem™ Statement P2 and P5 amplifiers are designed to perform flawlessly—offering stunning musicality, tonal neutrality and incredible dynamics while driving any speaker load reliably under real-world conditions! The power supply is conservatively rated and the amplifiers run cool for greater reliability, but we didn’t stop there.

These amplifiers feature our ALM™ (Advanced Load Monitoring) circuitry which protects sensitive output devices by constantly monitoring temperature, current and voltage to ensure optimum long-term performance. ALM™ is totally non-invasive—it is not in the signal path and only engages in the most extreme circumstances to protect the amplifier from damage by maintaining the safe operating area of the output devices. Buyer beware however! Not all amplifier manufacturers have sophisticated load-monitoring provisions. Many have saved the added cost, leaving their output devices unprotected, choosing instead to use the amplifier’s output devices as “fuses.” At Anthem/Sonic Frontiers, ALM™ is just one of the ways in which our products provide owners with years of reliable service.


Entradas 2 Single-Ended
2 Balancceadas
1 Trigger con relé (jack mono 3,5 mm)
Salidas Bornes de conexión para 2 altavoces
1 Trigger con relé (jack mono 3,5 mm)
Conmutadores Panel frontal: Power on/off
Panel trasero: 3 modos on/off (Trigger, Manual, Auto)
(225 W a 8 ohmios)
0,0007% a 1 kHz
0,008% a 20 kHz
Potencia de salida
(RMS continuos, 20 Hz - 20 kHz, <1% THD)
A 8 ohmios:
  1 Canal: 325 W
  Todos los canales: 325 W
A 4 ohmios
  1 Canal: 500 W
  Todos los canales: 500 W
A 2 ohmios
  1 Canal: 675 W
  1 Canal: 675 W
IMD 0,00019% (CCIF, 325W a 8 ohmios)
Ancho de banda a la potencia especificada 10 Hz - 150 kHz
(+0, -3 dB, 325 W @ 8 ohmios)
Respuesta de frecuencia 20 Hz a 20 kHz (+0, 0,15 dB)
5 Hz a 100 kHz (+0, -2 dB)
Sensnbilidad de entrada
(Entrada RCa y XLR 0 dB)
1 Vrms para salida de 28,3 Vrms
(100 W a 8 ohmios)
Impedancia de entrada 18 kohmios (RCA)
22 kohmios (XLR)
Factor de amortiguamiento >600 a 20 Hz (ref. 8 ohmios)
400 a 1 kHz (ref. 8 ohmios)
Relación señal/ruido 125 dB, ponderada A (ref. 325W)
Diafonía (entre dos canales cualesquiera) -140 dB (20 Hz,)
-80 dB (20 kHz)
Ganancia de voltaje 29 dB
Slew rate 40V/uS
Requerimientos de corriente 1800 W @
(ancho x alto x fondo)
43,8 cm x 23,8 cm x 57,2 cm
Peso 34 kg


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