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Astell&Kern AK120
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The Astell&Kern MQS Portable System, the ultimate portable Hi-Fi music player

The Astell&Kern is the ultimate portable high-fidelity audio system capable of studio Mastering Quality Sound (MQS). Feel the phenomenal realism of music though 24bit/192kHz high-resolution, lossless Mastering Quality Sound (MQS) that cannot be heard through CD standards. When compared to CDs, the music files used during the mastering process in studios (24bit/192kHz) contains 6.5 times more information and results in a more original, precise and enhanced sound.


  • Meets 100% of Hi-Fi audio specifications
  • Equipped with the world’s first portable Wolfson WM8740 24bit, 192kHz high-performance DAC
  • Can be used as an external optical DAC
  • Touch equalizer (EQ) easily manipulated by the fingertips
  • A user interface with an analog feel

What is MQS? 24bit, 192kHz high-definition sound is considered as studio quality. This is also referred to as Mastering Quality Sound (MQS).
The Astell&Kern natively supports MQS (24bit, 96kHz-192kHz) and is considered as the digital music format with the most amount of information. MQS (Mastering Quality Sound) can be downloaded from GROOVERS, HighRes Audio, HDTracks and other high-definition audio file download sources.

The MQS Portable System is a portable sound system that does not need to encode MQS files for playback.
With MQS (Mastering Quality Sound), the difference can be heard and felt because the sound is distortion free and there is no data loss within the 24bit source when compared to MP3s and CDs (WAV). MQS music and sounds are commonly saved as a lossless 24bit WAV or FLAC files during record production at the time of the mastering source. The Astell&Kern is a MQS Portable System that does not need external MQS encoding, which results in a more refined and pure sound.
24bit 192kHz is the standard specification during sound mastering music production in the studio. After the mastering process, sound sources in CDs are downgraded to 16bit/44.1kHz and MP3s are downsampled to 320kbps – 128kbps. Original sound sources can be lost or distorted during downsampling.

One of the world’s highest performing 24bit/192kHz stereo DAC
The Astell&Kern is the world’s first portable device equipped with the Wolfson WM8740 DAC. Users familiar with LINN, ARCAM, and other high-end audio equipment (AV Receivers) actually have been listening to the Wolfson WM8740 high-performance 24bit/192kHz Stereo DAC at home.
With one of the world’s highest level of signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and the lowest level of the total harmonic distortion (THD) performance, the WM8740 has the reputation of producing the richest and warmest sounds. And with the integrated WM8740 DAC, the signal to noise ratio of 113 found in the Astell&Kern AK120 significantly improves sound quality.

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The Astell&Kern can be used in combination or as a standalone external DAC via the optical in/out function.
Equipped with the world’s first Wolfson WM8740 DAC in a portable device, use the Optical in/out function in the Astell&Kern as an external DAC. Connect the Astell&Kern to a laptop, PC, or a CD Player that supports an external optical DAC. Play CDs and music tracks in PCs for significantly improved sound quality with radiance and realism.

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The Astell&Kern AKG120 is equipped with dual Micro SD card slots and supports up to 192GB of storage space.
To playback large MQS music tracks, it is essential to have large enough storage space in the Astell&Kern. With 64GB of built-in internal memory and the dual 64GB high-speed Micro SD card slots, a total of 192GB of music files can be saved on the Astell&Kern.

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4 generations of MQS Albums supported on Micro SD cards
The additional memory card slot holds an important point. 24bit album recordings will soon be released with music files stored in Micro SD memory cards. For a mainstream album, LP (vinyl) records would be considered as first generation, second generations are cassette tapes, and Compact Discs (CDs) is the third and current generation. Fourth generation albums are considered as MQS albums that are released in high capacity Micro SD memory cards. Comfortably enjoy two albums at once through the dual memory card slots of the Astell&Kern. The Astell&Kern supports MQS high-resolution music stored on Micro SD cards. >


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Practical EQ to Determines the Change in Frequency Response
With the Astell&Kern and a nice set of headphones, audio enthusiasts will appreciate even more various genres of music. Use the touch interface of the built-in 5-band equalizer to delicately find the tone you desire. In addition, touch the screen to finely adjust the value of each band.

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The Astell&Kern presents an intuitive interface experience through a combination of touchscreen and control buttons.
The control buttons and touch screen of the Astell&Kern ensures fast and efficient operation. The synchronization of the 4-way user interface, 2.4inch (6.09cm) touchscreen, volume control wheel, and control buttons creates an easy to use experience. The interface of the Astell&Kern is designed for a quick search and instant listening of MQS music.

A brushed aluminum body with superior craftsmanship
The brushed aluminum poresfinish represents a deep and refined craftsmanship
not traditionally found in a combination.

The sensitive analog feel of the volume wheel
The Astell&Kern is a digital device with an analog ambiance. The volume wheel also provides analog musical inspirations that are not often found on typical push-button volume controls.

Resumen diferencias reproductores Astell & Kern

  AK100 AK120 AK120 TITAN AK240
DAC 1 * Wolfson WM8740 192/24 2 * Wolfson WM8740 192/24 2 * Wolfson WM8740 192/24 2 * Cirrus logic CS4398 +
1 * DSD Wolfson WM4398
Memoria integrada 32 GB 64 GB 128 GB 256 GB
Slots memoria SD adicionales Hasta 2 x 32 GB Hasta 2 x 64 GB Hasta 2 x 64 GB Hasta 128 GB
Relación señal/ruido 110 dB 113 dB 113 dB 116 (no balanceado)
117 (balanceado)
Diafonía -120 dB -128 dB -128 dB -130 dB (no balanceado)
-135 dB (balanceado)
THD+N (Distorsión armónica total) 0,0009% 0,0008% 0,0008% 0,0007% (no balanceado)
0,0005% (balanceado)
IMD (Distorsión de intermodulación) 0,003% 0,0005% 0,0005% 0,0004% (no balanceado)
0,0003% (balanceado)
Wi-Fi y streaming No No No
Jitter de reloj 90 ps 50 ps 50 ps 50 ps
Capacidad de la batería 2.000 mA/h (Hasta 16 horas de duración) 2.350 mA/h (Hasta 14 horas de duración) 2.350 mA/h (Hasta 14 horas de duración) 3.250 mA/h (Hasta 14 horas de duración)
Tiempo de carga 5 horas 6,5 horas 6,5 horas -
Peso 122 gramos 143 gramos 143 gramos 185 gramos
Tamaño pantalla 2,4 pulgadas IPS 2,4 pulgadas IPS 2,4 pulgadas IPS 3,31 pulgadas AMOLED
Dimensiones 59,2 mm de ancho x 79 mm de alto x 14,4 mm de grosor 59,2 mm de ancho x 89 mm de alto x 14,4 mm de grosor 59,2 mm de ancho x 89 mm de alto x 14,4 mm de grosor 66 mm de ancho x 107 mm de alto x 17,5 mm de grosor
P.V.P. 699 € 1.199 € 1.499 € 2.499 €


Modelo AK120
Color Negro
Dimensiones 59,2 mm de ancho x 89 mm de alto x 14,4 mm de grosor
Peso 143 gramos
Pantalla 2,4'' QVGA (320x240) tipo IPS y táctil
Formatos de audio soportados WAV, FLAC, WMA, MP3, OGG, APE
Frecuencia de muestreo FLAC, WAV: 8 a 192 kHz (8/16/24 bits por muestra)
Nivel de salida 1,5 Vrms (sin carga)
DAC 2 * Wolfson WM8740 24 bits DAC (High-End)
Decodificación Soporta hasta 24 bits / 192 kHz
Interfaz de carga Micro USB tipo B
Conexiones Micro USB 2.0
Entrada/Salida mini Toslink digital
Salida de auriculares
Mejoras de software Admite actualizaciones
Respuesta de frecuencia 10 Hz a 20 kHz +/- 0,02 dB (24 bits/48 kHz, sin carga)
Relación señal/ruido 113 dB (1 kHz a 0 dB, 24 bits/48 kHz, sin carga)
Diafonía -128 dB (1 kHz a 0 dB, 24 bits/48 kHz, sin carga)

0,0008% (1 kHz a 0 dB, 24 bits/48 kHz, sin carga)

IMD (SMPTE) 0,0005% (24 bits/48 kHz, sin carga)
Impedancia de salida 3 ohmios
Jitter de reloj 50 ps
Capacidad Batería de Litio-polímero de 2.350 mA/h y 3,7 V
Tiempo de reproducción continua Hasta 16 horas (Modo estándar, FLAC 16 bits/44 kHz, Volumen 37, EQ OFF, LCD OFF)
Tiempo de carga 6,5 horas
Memoria integrada 64 GB (NAND)
Memoria externa 2 slots para tajetas Micro SD (Capacidad hasta 64 GB cada tarjeta)
Sistemas operativos Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8

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