Consonance Droplet CDP5.0 HD

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Lector de CD con salida a válvulas



The new Droplet CDP5.0D CD player will also allow the digital input from our Wireless Digital Transmitter Box 1.0 and other cd transports, cable TV decoders and satellite receivers either through the CD players co-axial or optical inputs or with any other device with a digital PCM output. This will not only provide high quality audio but also provide an enjoyable ease of use. The future is coming soon and Opera Audio is providing our customers with the most up to date high quality sound for their future enjoyment.

You are invited to audition the latest Chinese phenomenon that has taken Europe and US by storm, winning 4 awards to date and still counting. Droplet CDP5.0, the best product of 2006 granted by Image hifi in Germany , was reviewed as analogue like in character. It has been ranked over any other $4000-$5000 CD player by some European reviewers and was given the coveted Blue Moon award in the US . All these placed the Droplet CDP5.0 ahead of their class once again.

Check out more views link, the marble stand shown in the left picture which has been available for special order since March 2006. This is the similar stand that sits beneath the Droplet 5.0 Turntable. Constructed from two slabs of polished pale marble separated by massive triangular sections and supported by anodized-alloy columns - all tensioned by threaded rods running through the structure. The shape of the marble echo's the curves of the Droplet 5.0 CDP, with the columns directly beneath the cones on the base of the CD player turns the superb Droplet into a real work of art.

Resolución del DAC Sigma-Delta multinivel de 24 bits / 192 kHz con sobremuestreo asíncrono
Jitter de reloj Menor a 14 ps directamente distribuidos al DAC
Señal de salida a 0 dBFS 2,35 V RMS RCA (a válvulas) 4,6 V RMS XLR (directa)
Terminales de salida Conectores RCA dorados no balanceados Conectores XLR dorados balanceados
Respuesta de frecuencia 20 Hz - 20 kHz con desviación menor a +/- 0,1 dB
Respuesta de fase 20 Hz - 20 kHz con desviación menor a +/- 2º
Relación señal/ruido Mayor a 100 dB (salida RCA a válvulas) Mayor a 115 dB (salida XLR)
Diafonía Menor que 100 dB
Distorsión Menor que 0,015% (RCA) Menor que 0,002% (XLR)
Intermodulación Menor que 0,002% (19 kHz + 20 kHz)
Control remoto Philips RC-5 por infrarrojos compatible con sistema IR en 36 kHz de frecuencia de modulación
Válvulas 2 x Sovtek 6H30
Dimensiones 43 cm (ancho) x 14 cm (alto) x 51 cm (fondo)
Peso 30 kg
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