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Dynaudio Evidence Platinum
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The Dynaudio Evidence Platinum. Very likely the most awesome loudspeaker available anywhere on the planet. Here’s why:

When Dynaudio was founded over 35 years ago, the engineers who built the company collectively strove to create loudspeakers performing on a much higher level than everything else available at that time; speakers that would reproduce music naturally and authentically.

As technologies matching our requirements were sadly lacking, the consequence was to develop our own premium Dynaudio bass drivers, tweeters and cabinets. This allowed us to realize our quite ambitious goals while surpassing all existing industry standards. Over the years, Dynaudio has always stayed true to these original roots, while developing the company’s core technologies even further to create many exceptional loudspeaker models.

In the Evidence Platinum, we now have improved and perfected our technological platform to the very highest degree. A higher grade of refinement which combined with the innovative DDC technology will provide you with a level of sound quality you’ve never before experienced in your listening life.
The Evidence Platinum was first shown as a Concept Study at Europe’s preeminent high-end audio exhibition, the HIGH END 2012 in Munich, Germany. After enthusiastic reactions from visitors, distributors, dealers and the press, Dynaudio decided to turn the concept into reality. The concept study was further refined and production in Skanderborg, Denmark commenced in November 2012, thus marking the beginning of a new era.

The Evidence Platinum improves upon the original Evidence Temptation and Evidence Master by utilizing experience and knowledge gained when creating Dynaudio’s most recent developments, the Consequence Ultimate Edition and Confidence Signature. Handcrafted to the highest standards by Dynaudio in Skanderborg, Denmark, the Evidence Platinum combines the innovative Dynaudio Directivity Control technology (DDC) with the company’s latest and most advanced drive units, select crossover components and the highest level of fine-tuning.

Dynaudio developed new 18W75 Evidence woofers to achieve a superior bass performance in the Platinum. Dynamics and accuracy in the lower frequencies are further enhanced by using four bass drivers in parallel, with the multiple woofers thus offering the same large diaphragm surface of one conventional woofer, but taking advantage of multiple voice coil/magnet assemblies.

Dynaudio’s finest tweeter, the highly renowned Esotar2, is incorporated into an Evidence model for the first time in the Platinum. The latest version of the Esotar2 features a new Precision Coating, and in the Platinum, dual Esotar2 tweeters as well as two dedicated midrange drivers are mounted into a solid, pure-aluminium front baffle in each speaker in order to implement the DDC technology.

The crossover layout and crossover components have been further refined while the internal cabling as well as the speaker cable terminals have been upgraded from the previous Evidence models. A reinforced base plinth with improved plinth feet is the finishing touch on the new loudspeaker. The Dynaudio Evidence models have always been the preferred source of information and inspiration for discerning audiophiles demanding truly authentic sound quality. With the Evidence Platinum, Dynaudio brings these true cognoscenti closer to the purest music than ever.

Carefully selected wood veneers, ennobled with fine piano lacquer and pure machined aluminium, traced by the soft curvature of nobly bred lines, lend Dynaudio’s flagship its timeless form. The cabinet is visibly divided into three sections: The upper and lower bass section, as well as the mid and treble drive units, are mechanically isolated from each other in order to perfect every minute detail to realize the highest sonic performance level possible. At the heart of the Evidence Platinum is the crossover. Contained behind the aluminium middle section in its own sub-enclosure, it is completely shielded from acoustic vibrations. The extreme technical level of the crossover can barely be described: The use of only the very best, carefully selected components, together with its sophisticated DDC topology is a direct reflection of the Platinum’s advanced design.

Two midrange drive units and two soft-dome tweeters are integrated in the solid, CNC-machined aluminium middle section. The aluminium material’s attributes, together with its specifically rounded sides, ensure a uniform and ultimately uncolored sound dispersion. The completely transparent and relaxed reproduction of the highest frequencies provides an airy, detailed and accurate musical experience. The tweeters’ fine, soft domes are each protected by an acoustically neutral, slim titanium bar.

To counteract any sonic resonance, a separate compartment isolates and provides the perfect mechanical and thermal environment for the carefully assembled, and close-tolerance selected, crossover components. In addition, the compartment is passively ventilated at the back so that the crossover components always remain within a safe operating temperature range – even at continuous high volume levels and during extreme transients. To implement DDC in the lower frequencies, the woofer cabinets are positioned directly above and below the midrange and high frequency driver middle section.

This has two acoustical advantages: First, it provides a more equally spread radiation of the lower frequencies into the room. (In contrast, a single-unit larger woofer would act similarly to a subwoofer and lead to bass boom and uneven sound.) Second, this four- woofer-design combines the diaphragm surface of a larger conventional single-woofer design with the power, speed and control of four smaller single voice coil-magnet-assemblies, with the additional advantage of an elegantly slim cabinet shape. With this shape and the DDC technology’s independence from room acoustics, the Evidence Platinum integrates itself perfectly into any living room.


  • Evidence Platinum Esotar² tweeters with Precision Coating
  • Evidence Platinum 15cm MSP midrange drivers
  • Evidence Platinum 18cm MSP woofers (18W75)
  • Highest-grade Crossover with select components on glassfibre-reinforced PCB
  • WBT NextGenTM Cu connectors made of pure, gold-plated copper
  • Internal wiring with select oxygene-free copper cables
  • Metal Film resistors in the crossover's tweeter section
  • Advanced DDC Technology to reduce room reflections and colorations
  • Ultra-solid, resonance-deadening 40mm black aluminium front baffle
  • Reinforced cabinet finished in a new choice of veneers and lacquers
  • Reinforced base plinth with larger footprint for improved stability
  • Two types of base plinth feet included (for hard floor or carpet)


(2,83V / 1 m)
89 dB
Potencia de amplificador mínima recomendada 20 W (4 ohmios) a 3 metros
60 W (4 ohmios) a 5 metros
120 W (4 ohmios) a 7 metros
250 W (4 ohmios) a 10 metros
Capacidad de admisión de potencia IEC 550 W
Impedancia (nominal) 4 ohmios
Respuesta de frecuencia 28 Hz - 25 kHz (+/- 3 dB)
Principio de funcionamiento Bass reflex con puerto trasero
Frecuencia de resonancia del puerto réflex 27 Hz
Pendiente de corte 6 dB / octava
Peso 115 kg
(ancho x alto x fondo)
210/390 mm x 1.940 mm x 510 mm


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PVP recomendado:
70.000 €
IVA incluido

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