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  1. Amplificadores de auriculares a corriente    (3)
  2. Amplificadores integrados a válvulas    (4)
  3. Preamplificadores de línea a válvulas    (1)
  4. Preamplificadores de phono    (1)
  1. Leben CS-300F

    Leben CS-300F

    CS-300F is equipped with GE JAN-6197 which was developped for use in computers and we used this tube for audio purpose for the first time in the world. We purchased this tube many years ago and
    3.290,00 €
  2. Leben CS-300XS

    Leben CS-300XS

    CS-300X(S) is equipped with SOVTEK Tube EL-84 which has been welknown by audiophiles for its high sound quality against its small size. A high input sensitivity of EL84 does not require a compl
    3.490,00 €
  3. Leben CS-600

    Leben CS-600

    Amplificador integrado a válvulas. 2 x 32 W

    6.900,00 €
  4. Leben CS-1000P

    Leben CS-1000P

    Características principales: High power output tube KT120(Super KT88) 100W/ch(1KHz) at Pentode circuit (70W/ch at Triode) Pentode/Triode se
    10.490,00 €
  5. Leben RS-28CX

    Leben RS-28CX

    INTRODUCTION There are two major types of RIAA phono equalization systems, one is NFB(Negative Feedback) type and the other is CR type. A representative preamplifier equipped wit
    6.990,00 €
  6. Leben RS-30EQ

    Leben RS-30EQ

    Preamplificador de phono MM

    2.190,00 €
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