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  1. Amplificadores integrados a válvulas    (3)
  2. Etapas de potencia a válvulas    (1)
  3. Preamplificadores de línea a válvulas    (3)
  4. Transformadores para cápsulas MC    (1)
  1. Puresound A10

    Puresound A10

    The Pure Sound A10 was developed to meet a need for a compact and relatively affordable Class A amplifier that would be compatible with high quality, high sensitivity loudspeakers. The A10 is a line lev
    999,00 €
  2. Puresound A30

    Puresound A30

    The Pure Sound A30 amplifier was developed to meet the demand for an affordable Class A amplifier that would be compatible with all types of loudspeakers. The A30 is a line level integrated design that
    2.195,00 €
  3. Puresound 2A3

    Puresound 2A3

    The earliest audio amplifiers made use of small, 3 element valves known as directly heated triodes. For many, the simple circuits that can be built around such devices better preserve the structure, col
    3.395,00 €
  4. Puresound L5

    Puresound L5

    El L5, es un nuevo Pre-amplifcador desarrollado con la experiencia del L300, dispone de 4 entradas. Especifcaciones: Inputs 4 pairs (Line Level) 1 Pair (Record In) - Input imp
    1.495,00 €
  5. Puresound L10

    Puresound L10

    Following the positive response to our flagship L300 pre-amplifier, pure sound has developed the L10, a new, more affordable design which incorporates much of the thinking that makes the L300 so highly
    4.295,00 €
  6. Puresound L300

    Puresound L300

    Following some fairly extensive research and development applied to line level amplification, pure sound is pleased to launch the L300, a new line level pre-amplifier. The L300 has 5 inputs and twin out
    8.995,00 €
  7. Puresound M845

    Puresound M845

    Etapas de potencia monofónicas a válvulas. 1 x 27 W

    10.995,00 €
  8. Puresound T10

    Puresound T10

    Transformador elevador para cápsulas de bobina móvil (MC)

    529,00 €
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