McIntosh MC207

10.975,00 €

Etapa de potencia multicanal. 7 x 200 W a 8 Ω o 4 Ω


Similar to the MC205, the MC207 home theater amplifier produces an amazing movie experience in your home by delivering 200 watts of power to each speaker channel found in 7.1 home theater systems. It can also be used in 5.1 home theaters with the remaining 2 channels used to power a second zone in stereo. Our exclusive Dynamic Power Manager® (DPM) technology enables the MC207 to deliver its full power into both 4 and 8 ohm speakers - making it compatible with a wide variety of home theater speakers.

As with the MC205, the MC207 does not need cooling fans so there is no fan noise to interfere with your movie’s soundtrack. It features Power Guard® to prevent potential speaker damage caused by clipping and over-driving of the amplifier. Short-circuit protection is provided by our Sentry Monitor™ technology that disengages the output stage before current exceeds safe operating levels and then resets automatically when operating conditions return to normal. To connect the MC207 to your home theater processor, inputs for both balanced and unbalanced cables are included. Three blue watt meters provide an instant measurement of power output of the front three channels (the meters may be switched off if they conflict with the television or movie screen).

The classic black glass front panel, polished stainless steel chassis, knobs and custom machined brushed aluminum end caps make the MC207 an eye pleasing addition to any room

The classic black glass front panel and custom machined end caps allow the MC205 to blend in with any surrounding.


  • MC207 is a gentle giant of Home Theater amplifiers that is conservatively rated at 200 watts for each of the seven channels.
  • The massively over built amplifier design does not require cooling fans so the most subtle film soundtracks are not masked by common fan noise.
  • Precision McIntosh power meters allow monitoring of the primary front sound stage while clever engineering matches the output of MC207 with all speaker types.
  • MC207 may be used to power a five channel home theater plus two channel remote zone.
Potencia máxima de salida estéreo · 200 watts RMS por canal (4 u 8 Ohms)
Impedancia de los altavoces 4 u 8 Ohms
Ganancia · 8 Ohms: 29dB
· 4 Ohms: 26dB
· 2 Ohms: 23dB
Respuesta de frecuencia: · 20 Hz to 20 kHz + 0 dB / - 0.25 dB · 10 Hz to 100 kHz + 0 dB / - 3 dB.
THD < 0.005%
S/N ratio: 112 dB (Ponderado a máxima potencia)
Factor de amortiguamiento · > 60 a 4 Ohms
· > 140 a 8 Ohms
Sensibilidad · Balanceada: 3.4 V
· No balanceada: 1.7 V
Impedancia · Balanceada: 2.0V a 4 Ohms / 2.8V a 8 Ohms
· No balanceada: 1.0V a 4 Ohms / 1.4V a 8 Ohms
Entradas 1 x 7 RCA (No balanceados)
1 x  7 XLR (Balanceados)
Mando a distancia
Conexiones de Control de Energía: Sí (TRIGGER ZONA A, TRIGGER ZONA B)
Chasis Acero inoxidable pulido
Válvulas / Transistores No / Sí
Regulador de salida No
Fuente de alimentación · 100 Volts, 50/60Hz at 1440 watts
· 110 Volts, 50/60Hz at 13.0 amps
· 120 Volts, 50/60Hz at 12.0 amps
· 220 Volts, 50/60Hz at 7.5 amps
· 230 Volts, 50/60Hz at 6.5 amps
· 240 Volts, 50/60Hz at 6.5 amps
Standby <0.5 Watts
Dimensiones 44,5 cm (ancho) x 24 cm (alto) x 47,6 cm (fondo)
Peso 37,6 Kg
Peso con embalaje 52,6 Kg
Acabado Negro
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