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Musical Fidelity V-DAC II
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The V-DACII is a DAC of exceptional quality in an unobtrusive but attractive package.

The V-DAC II brings true hi-fi quality digital-to-analogue conversion to an affordable price point.

From CDs to music streaming and downloads – if you listen to digital music then you need a digital-to-analogue converter (DAC) before amplification and speakers can work their magic.

Computers – and even many CD players – use very basic DACs, meaning you won’t get close to hearing the best from your music. That all changes when you add the dedicated V-DAC II: from lower bit-rate internet streams to better-than CD quality music files, your listening will be transformed.

With co-axial, optical and USB inputs, there’s not a digital device the V-DAC II can’t enhance – it’ll even boost the performance of your TV receiver and Blu-ray/DVD player.

Crucially, it’s a 24bit/192kHz asynchronous USB design, offering a significant sonic step up for computer music lovers.

All this high-end hi-fi technology is presented in a solid casing with a sleek brushed silver finish. As with the rest of the V Series, the V-DAC II is a product you’ll be proud to own.

Diseño y construcción
The original V-DAC was praised for offering premium hi-fi performance at an affordable price. The upgraded V-DAC II, with an advanced specification and fresh styling, provides even more exceptional value for money.

At the heart of the V-DAC II are a high-quality Burr Brown DSD 1796 DAC and Burr Brown SRC4392 asynchronous sampler. No other DAC at this price can offer such a combination of 24bit 192kHz upsampling, reclocking, and asynchronous USB in a beautifully built box that also boasts high-grade optical and coaxial inputs. Many far pricier DACs don’t meet this high technical standard.

Asynchronous USB implementation is crucial – it means the V-DAC II fully controls the transfer of audio data from your computer, isolating the signal from digital noise your PC and Mac can introduce.

The V-DAC II also improves on its predecessor’s already excellent technical performance. Distortion has halved to a remarkably low 0.002%, while stereo separation is now an incredible -105dB.

The results are audibly impressive. Hi-Fi World’s review praised the V-DAC II’s “clean, crisp and engaging sound”, also confirming that it “measured well in all areas”.

The V-DAC II’s technical and performance excellence comes clad in suitably smart casing, complete with reassuringly solid aluminium extrusions and a smooth silver finish. As the Hi-Fi News review concludes: “the V-DAC II is superb value for money, offering the latest package with looks that do its quality internals justice”.

Design background
When the original V-DAC was launched three years ago, it got excellent reviews. The technical reviews, in particular, were outstanding, and the V-DAC proved to be popular with music loving audiophiles. Most competent reviewers realized that the V-DAC was the technical equal of other DACs up to ten times the price. The only real criticism was about its appearance.

In the last three years, computer audio has become more popular. To get the best out of computer audio, you need an asynchronous USB input. The original V-DAC did not have this.

The design brief for the V-DAC II

1.Improved appearance and finish
2. Add asynchronous USB input
3. If possible, improve the technical performance

1. Improved appearance and finish
Contrary to what many may think, Musical Fidelity listened closely to what was said about the aesthetics of the V-DAC and we took the criticism to heart. We have made a substantial investment in the extrusion fabrication techniques for the V-DAC II. The result is that it looks much better and the finish is also vastly improved. The V-DAC II looks classy and technical at the same time, which is a perfect combination for a DAC.

The fine line extrusion with premium finish brushing exudes quality. The front and back end pieces are now made from machined aluminium, twice as thick as before, giving the V-DAC II more perceived quality.

2. Asynchronous USB input
The new V-DAC II has an asynchronous USB input. This is exactly the same technology and programming as used in our highly successful, enthusiastically reviewed V-Link.

What an amazing combination: superlative 24bit 192k upsampling reclocking V-DAC technology and a super-performance, asynchronous USB in one box. This is amazing stuff!

3. If possible, improve the technical performance
The original V-DAC had superlative technical performance. With very low distortion (0.005%), low noise, excellent linearity and low jitter, it was equal to, or in many cases better than, DACs that were vastly more expensive.

The V-DAC II improves upon the original V-DAC’s benchmark performance. We have halved the distortion (0.002%) and improved the stereo separation to an incredible –105dB.

By any standards, the V-DAC II is a new benchmark for superlative technical performance.


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Up sampling 192 kHz / 24 bits
Impedancia de salida 47 ohmios
Salida máxima 2,2 V
Distorsión armónica total 0,004% @ 20 Hz - 20 kHz
Respuesta de frecuencia +0, -0,1 dB @ 20 Hz - 20 kHz
Diafonía -104 dB @ 20 Hz - 20 kHz
Relación señal/ruido -117 dB @ ponderada A
Jitter total 12 ps
Requerimientos de corriente 12 VDC @ 500 mA
Entrada USB Flujo de datos asíncrono hasta 96 kHz / 24 bits
Entradas digitales 1 RCA (coaxial)
1 TOSLINK (óptico)
1 USB (tipo B)
Salidas a nivel de línea 1 par de conectores RCA
Entrada de corriente Conector DC de 1,3 mm
Ancho 95 mm
Alto 40 mm
Fondo 170 mm
Solo unidad 350 g
Unidad con embalaje 1 kg
  1 x 12V 500 mA
1 x Manual de instrucciones

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