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We developed the K2 Blu as an all-purpose machine for music lovers who wish to play music to the highest quality from various sources and media, as well as raise the (
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We developed the K2 Blu as an all-purpose machine for music lovers who wish to play music to the highest quality from various sources and media, as well as raise the (generally very mediocre) sound quality of their TV set to a high standard, but are not prepared to find space in their living room for six or eight loudspeakers. For this reason the K2 Blu is not a classic surround receiver with 7.1 loudspeakers and HDMI source switching, as the K8 satisfies that need; instead it is designed to feed two stereo loudspeakers and - if desired - a Centre speaker, a sub-woofer and two additional external speakers for an adjacent room. Various user-selectable operating modes, such as three-channel or virtual surround, provide facilities for optimum reproduction, depending on the loudspeakers connected to the unit, and the type of music preferred.

The base functions of the K2 Blu can be controlled on the device itself, but the FM 100 system remote control pro-vides additional control of supplementary and text input functions. Basic settings such as loudspeaker calibration, balance, tone controls and the choice of sound field matrix are selected using simple menus and the remote control system. It is also possible to use our FD 100 bi-directional radio remote control handset with screen, since the necessary Gateway (radio receive module) is installed in the machine as standard. The large-format, high-resolution VFD screen with graphics capability displays the data and information in context-dependent form in various font sizes, and can be dimmed incrementally.

The K2 Blu is equipped with the latest generation of high-quality BluRay mechanism incorporating three lasers. This means that they deliver extremely good sound quality from CD as well as a superb picture from BluRay and DVD (which is upscaled automatically). The picture output is generated through the digital HDMI output, and the very highest standard of HD picture quality can be attained, depending on the monitor or TV set connected to the unit. The BluRay-specific menus are displayed on the television or monitor connected to the system. The machine's front panel USB port is connected to the BluRay player, and can be used to feed and play LPCM-, MP3-, Photo JPEG and film files; alternatively a USB stick can be used for BD-Life.The screen window conceals the IR receiver for the FM 100 remote control system, as well as a Bluetooth module aerial. The K2 Blu is our first device to be fitted with an A2DP-compliant Bluetooth interface, which provides a fast, simple means of binding any mobile audio devices to the receiver for extremely convenient playback of audio files.The headphone socket has its own amplifier, and switches off the loudspeaker outputs completely when in use. Naturally the K2 Blu also features a clock and a convenient alarm timer.

Entradas Externas Tape, Aux y TV (con autoencendido, 2 V / 20 kohmios), iPod
Salida de auriculares >30 ohmios
Salida de grabación 1 V / 150 ohmios
Potencia de salida 5 x 95 W a 8 ohmios (nominal, modo estéreo)5 x 150 W a 4 ohmios (nominal, modo estéreo)5 x 130 W a 8 ohmios (pico)5 x 230 W a 4 ohmios (pico)
Distorsión armónica total <0,005 %
Intermodulación <0,005 %
Separación de canales > 65 dB
Respuesta de frecuencia 1 Hz - 60 kHz
Zona 1 Estéreo (2.0 / 2.1)3 canales (3.0 / 3.1)Surround virtual
Zona 2 Estéreo 2.0
Administración del grave, frecuencias de corte Full range, 40, 60, 100, 150 Hz
Convertidor D/A 24 bits, 192 kHz
Salida digital S/PDIF, coaxial 0,5V, 75 ohmios, LPCM según IEC 958
Rango de recepción FM 87,5 - 108 MHz
Sensibilidad de entrada 2 uV
Margen de sobrecarga > 125 dB
Diafonía (estéreo) > 40 dB
Función RDS Nombre de emisora, radio texto, reloj, listado de emisoras, memoria de emisoras
Formatos MP3, WMA (WMDRM 10), AAC, FLAC, OGG-Vorbis
Servidores de medios · UPnP AV· Servicio de radio por Internet vTuner· Compatible DLNA
Características · Base de datos de emisoras de radio por Internet (actualización automática por Internet)
Intefaces · USB 2.0· LAN, W-LAN
Interfaz iPod Reproducción de audio y archivos de vídeo del iPodEl iPod puede ser controlado desde el aparato y el control remoto
Bluetooth Receptor de Bluetooth con protocolo de transmisión A2DP
Mecanismo Mecanismo lineal Bluray de 3 láseres montado en subchasis absorbente de vibraciones
Salida de audio HDMI PCM estéreo Salida Bitstream HD Compatible bitstream antiguos
Salida de vídeo HDMI HDMI 1.3 PAL / NTSC 4.3 / 16:9 Letter Box, Pan Scan
Audio CD, CD-R, CD/RW, MP3, capa CD de SACD híbrido
Contenedores + otros formatos MKV, MPG, AVI, VOB, MP4, WMV
Vídeo Disco Bluray, DVD, VCD, SVCD
Foto JPEG, Picture CD
Funciones Reproducción de programa, funciones de repetición, CD-Text, MP3 con muestra de ID3 v2, modos de reproducción (cámara lenta, pausa, rotación, ángulo de cámara, zoom), optimización de la imagen
Puerto RS-232 Para el control de televisores Metz o Loewe
Consumo de corriente Máximo 600WEn espera 0,5 W
Dimensiones(ancho x alto x fondo) 440 mm x 107 mm x 355 mm
Peso 12 kg
Control remoto F100 (incluido)
Acabados Plata con paneles laterales negrosNegro con paneles laterales plata
Accesorios Control remoto del sistema incluido (FM100, con transmisor IR E2000)2 x Antena WLAN
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