Velodyne MicroVee

1.500,00 €

Subwoofer activo de 6,5'' y 600 W



Velodyne's tiniest subwoofer fits in small spaces and keeps its bigger siblings' acoustical power and clarity. At 9"x9"x9.6", it's almost a perfect cube of heart-pounding, definitive bass output. Pound for pound the MicroVee gives up hefty size without losing an ounce of low-frequency thrills. Cool to your touch, easy on your eyes, befitting your tastes and music to your ears. It doesn't get any better than this in a compact, eco-friendly subwoofer. Even Einstein would marvel at 3 drivers, a 95%-efficient 2000 Watt amp, the Dynamic Distortion Control System, a 4 pound magnet and a 2" voice coil all neatly wrapped in a virtually disappearing anodized box.


  • One active 6.5" driver (5" piston diameter)
  • Two 6.5" passive radiators (5" piston diameter)
  • Tiniest Velodyne ever made at 9" x 9" x 9.6" HWD
  • Patented Energy Recovery System amplifier (2000 watts Dynamic Power)
  • Ribbed extruded aluminum cabinet that dissipates heat build up
Amplificador "ERS" Clase D
1.000W Potencia RMS
2.000W Potencia dinámica
Woofers 6,5'' activo con cono de aluminio (diámetro del pistón 5'')
2 x 6,'5 pasivos laterales con conos de aluminio (diámetro del pistón 5'')
Respuesta de frecuencia 38 - 120 Hz (+/- 3 dB)
Control digital de la dinámica del transductor Transductor
Control de fase 0º o 180º (seleccionable)
Filtro paso bajo 50 Hz - 200 Hz (ajustable)
(12 o 24 dB/octava)
Auto On/Off
Estructura del imán 1,8 kg
Bobina Cobre 2'' doble capa
Entradas Nivel de altavoz, nivel de línea con minijack y dorado
Salidas Nivel de altavoz (120 Hz cortado paso alto) o minijack (bypass)
(alto x ancho x fondo)
229 mm x 229 mm x 244 mm
Garantía 3 años (electrónica)
5 años (transductor)
Peso 9,1 kg
Acabado Anodizado en negro


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